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Z-Medica Introduces QuikClot Belt Trauma Kit for LE

WALLINGFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Z-Medica Corporation, a medical device company developing innovative hemostatic agents, today announced the availability of the QuikClot® Belt Trauma Kitâ„¢, a hemostatic kit designed especially for law enforcement agencies so officers can stop traumatic bleeding quickly and help save lives. The new QuikClot® Belt Trauma Kitâ„¢ is compact, lightweight and cost-effective. The 5.75″ x 4″ self-contained kit to treat traumatic bleeding, includes either QuikClot® First Responseâ„¢ or QuikClot® Combat Gauzeâ„¢, plus SWAT-Tourniquet â„¢, a CPR shield and gloves. The kit is designed to be worn on an officer’s duty belt along with other gear, taking up little space, but providing valuable life-saving tools. The QuikClot® Belt Trauma Kitâ„¢ can help officers when dealing with motor vehicle accidents, gunshot, knife or other assault wounds, workplace and home accidents, or any situation that involves traumatic bleeding.

QuikClot® gauze is impregnated with kaolin, an inert material with no known contraindications, and can achieve hemostasis in severe bleeding situations in as little as three minutes. It is widely used by clinical practitioners, first responders and was chosen as the exclusive product for use by all U.S. military forces in 2008 after testing against 12 other hemostatic products. It continues to be the exclusive product used by all U.S. military forces for first line treatment of bleeding hemorrhage. QuikClot products have been credited with savings lives both on the battlefield and on the home front.”We understand that law enforcement officers often face situations that involve traumatic bleeding where emergency medical care is not available, so we designed a practical tool to help them almost immediately stop uncontrolled bleeding,” said Brian Herrman, Chief Executive Officer, Z-Medica. “The new QuikClot Belt Trauma Kit includes the QuikClot product that every US Military soldier carries, and which many law enforcement officers are already carrying, combined with all of the tools needed to stop traumatic bleeding in a lightweight pack.”

About Z-Medica

Z-Medica Corporation is a medical device company developing innovative hemostatic agents. The company manufactures and markets its QuikClot® family of products for hemostasis for use by healthcare professionals, first responders, law enforcement officers and the military. QuikClot products rapidly enhance the body’s natural coagulation process, helping to achieve hemostasis faster. Z-Medica’s QuikClot® Combat Gauzeâ„¢ product was chosen by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) as the United States Military’s sole source supplier for first-line hemostatic treatment, based on tests conducted by the Naval Medical Research Center and the U.S. Army Institute for Surgical Research. It continues to be the exclusive product used by all USA military forces for first line treatment of bleeding hemorrhage. QuikClot® products are also widely used by first responders, in hospital emergency rooms, interventional cardiology and radiology laboratories and other healthcare environments where bleeding requires fast and effective control. Z-Medica is a privately-held company based in Wallingford, CT. More information about Z-Medica Corporation is available at

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