The Warlord of Tamaulipas: Eduardo Costilla Sanchez

Eduardo Costilla Sanchez

“He grew up with Osiel Cárdenas Guillén and since 2003, he has headed the Gulf cartel, the second most powerful cartel in the country. Stealthy, Eduardo Costilla, El Coss, overcame internal divisions and now runs a fierce war in Tamaulipas and Nuevo León against their former allies, Los Zetas, who do not forgive him for his alliance to the Sinaloa cartel.

The PGR and the SSP claim that the capo has a presence in over 15 states and the United States, the DEA, including the Department of the Treasury consider him a threat to the security of the US.

Since late 1996 when Osiel Cardenas Guillen took over as head of the Gulf cartel, Eduardo Costilla Sanchez had a definite place in the structure of this criminal organization. Known as El Coss, he became the man most trusted to Cardenas Guillen and was known as “Mata Amigos” or “Killer of Friends” for his tendency to betray.

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