LastPass Vetted by Steve Gibson of GRC

LastPass is a cross-platform ( Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android) password manager and multi-factor authentication  tool. I have been using it in a limited test for almost a year now and I am very pleased to say that my confidence in the security of this system is high and I am adopting it as my go-to application for managing secure passwords and for multi-factor authentication. There is a free version with almost all the functionality. This is a well thought out system.

Steve Gibson of and the Security Now podcast  goes into some detail about the LastPass CRYPTO and why this is a secure and redundant system in the podcast linked bellow . The real meat isn’t until about the 53rd minute so fast forward if you find yourself nodding off in the first part of the show.

Security Now Episode 256.

Here is a transcript of the show.

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