The Handgun as a self defense tool

“The key advantage of the handgun is that it’s practical. There are much better weapons for defending yourself. A rifle or shotgun will always offer more protection than a handgun. The reason why handguns are so practical is that it’s not always feasible to reach for a rifle.

When you need it quickly, or there’s a surprise attack, a handgun in easy reach will get the job done. It’s also handy because it’s concealable.

Training is essential. The best training is to take a course with a certified instructor, but for various reasons (including cost), this is not always a great option. If you’ve got the money, this is the way to go; if you’re on a budget, there are other options.

One great course that’s very reasonable is the NRA’s Education and Training Division.

Some maintain that the handgun is the easiest and most practical tool for defending you and your family. Before it will do you any good, you’ve got to know how to use it.”

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