Texas Governor campaigns on border security

“During a recent campaign visit to Austin, TX, Texas Governor Rick Perry met President Obama on the tarmac. He requested a few minutes of Obama’s time to discuss border issues.

Obama patted Perry’s shoulder three times and did not accept the letter. An Obama Aid eventually took the letter. The actual meeting lasted about two minutes.

At the time, although there was not much press coverage, Governor was indignant that President Obama would have time to do a campaign job, but was not ready to discuss border issues.

“Texas has spent 230 million dollars for border law enforcement, technology, and aircraft.”

In 2005, Gov. Perry announced a comprehensive border security plan for Texas and awarded $6 million in grants to support Operation Linebacker, an initiative developed by the 16-member Texas Border Sheriff’s Association to deter illegal immigration and prevent border-related crime.

In 2007, Gov. Perry signed legislation to provide $110 million in state funds to amplify border security efforts in 2007, and in 2009 he signed legislation providing an additional $116 million.

“So Texas Rangers, SWAT teams, and military forces can rapidly respond to violence along our border.”

“Until Washington gets serious, Texas will fight to make our border safe.”


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