Is reining in rampant illegal immigration “xenophobia” and “racism”?

“Jorge Bustamante, a Mexican “UN special spokesman for immigrants’ human rights,” said that the “atmosphere of xenophobia” in various parts of the United States is bringing about abuses of immigrants, despite the suspension of parts of the Arizona law.

“In the interim, situations are occurring derived from that ambience of xenophobia that predominates in the state of Arizona and in other parts of the United States, and which lead to vulnerable conditions for the immigrants and lead to abuses.”

Bustamante labeled the law as “racist” because it gives the police the right to detain and expel persons “on the basis of their appearance, and the main appearance is the color of the skin.”

On the other hand, he defended the sovereign right of nations to decide about their immigration laws, and deemed that the concept of universal citizenship is practically impossible to bring about.”

Response: No, the concern of American citizens about illegal immigration has nothing to do with “xenophobia” and “racism”.  Accusing Americans of those attitudes is simply a way of diverting attention from the issue.

Are Americans protesting legal immigration? No. We openly accept immigrants from all over the world. No xenophobia there.

We also embrace and accept legal immigrants from all kinds of races. Any race of legal immigrant is welcome. No racism there.

If you come here, willing to work, willing to contribute, willing to show loyalty to the United States, most Americans will give you the benefit of the doubt, will be open minded.

So what are Americans upset about? We are sick and tired of foreigners breaking our laws, showing disrespect for our nation, being a drain on our resources and social services without contributing taxes, then sending money they earn working here back to the country they left, and bad-mouthing the United States to boot.

I have personally seen protest marchers carrying Mexican flags and signs saying “We are not Criminals”. Well, if you broke the law to get here then yes, you are. And if you are going to stay here, how about showing a little respect and gratitude for the country that is giving you work and educating your children?

Proud of your heritage? Great. But don’t come here illegally and then brag about how great Mexico is. If it’s so great, may we suggest you consider going back? Permanently would be fine.

Or, get in line with all the others wishing to immigrate to the US and do it legally.

Americans don’t object to immigrants. We object to illegal immigrants.

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