A plea for help from citizens of the city of Monterrey, Mexico

“To whom it may concern:

We, the citizens of the city of Monterrey, Mexico, are tired of the violence created by the drug cartels and the organized crime. We don’t know where or who to ask for help since our governor and president have failed to protect us.

We have been living in fear since February this year and until now we have no answer on how to stop this. The drug cartels and the organized crime have taken our peaceful city along with its citizens prisoners; they have kidnapped men, women and children.

We never asked for this nor support any group or organization that is in connection with them. We never thought that something like this could happen to us and now here we are living a nightmare, our worse nightmare.

Today we are asking for your help. We know that you have the power to communicate and inform people about our real situation. We as good Mexican citizens are imploring for your valuable help. Please, inform the rest of the world about our current situation and let people know that we are pleading for clemency.

If there is an organization out there that can help us to find a solution, we are in the best position to accept the help. We don’t trust our government since our government has failed protecting us and there are no warranties for our lives.”


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