Mexican citizen: the “War on Drugs” is not our war.

“In order for dangerous drugs not not reach your children, President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa (FCH) launched a war against drug traffickers three years ago. Since then, we Mexicans have become convinced that the war we need is another one: a war against crime for those who rob us, who kidnap us, who extort us and who kills us.

The President must have heard something or read our consensus, because he has changed his rhetoric since September of this year, he no longer refers to the “war on drugs” but a “war against crime” and he has called for “this is a struggle to be taken by the entire society.”

At the same time, semantics aside, the response of his war continues to be identical to the ones in the past; it is a response against the drug kingpins but not a response against the crime that deprives us of our heritage, our freedom and of our very own life.

That is why the president’s war continues to be his war [and not ours].

He must change the target of the war: to focus on the safety of citizens as a new target … he must begin to radically clean the police forces, which perhaps can only be achieved for now by replenishing the police with soldiers, until a new generation of officers can be trained and become operational.”

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