Severed head of Investigator “delivered to military in suitcase”

Tiffany Hartley with husband David, who has been missing since September 30. The lead Mexican investigator in his case has been beheaded Read more:

Lead Mexican investigator Rolando Armando Flores Villegas was hunting for the men who killed a U.S. citizen, a Texas man who was jet-skiing on Falcon Lake, in Texas.

The Investigator’s decapitation is a ‘message to White House’: Mexican drug cartels are declaring that the U.S. ‘no longer controls border’.

“The lead Mexican investigator hunting for an American man who disappeared after he and his wife were ambushed on Falcon Lake has been beheaded, a Texas lawmaker claimed today.

The severed head of Rolando Armando Flores Villegas was delivered to the Mexican military in a suitcase, Aaron Pena said today.

His wife Tiffany has told police she and her husband were ambushed by pirates while jet-skiing on the popular lake on September 30.

They shot her husband in the head, she claimed. She tried to rescue him but was forced to abandon his body when the pirates opened fire at her.

His body still has not been found.”

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