Chihuahua, Mexico: Ambush Kills 6 Prison Task Force Officers

“CHIHUAHUA, Chihuahua – Six members of the prison system’s Immediate Reaction Task Force (CERESO’s Grupo Especial de Reacción Inmediata), including the commander, José Miguel García de la Cruz, were ambushed & killed next to the Omnibus station at Pistolas Meneses park on the north side of Chihuahua City.

The ambush began around 7:20 Wednesday morning just after the officers left the home of a fellow member they had picked up to begin their daily duties.

Two officers died in the cab of the truck & another in the bed of the PU, while three officers managed to get out of the PU bed & tried to run for cover, but were gunned down several meters away in the street.

The attackers drove a blue Dodge Durango, a white Dodge Nitro & a maroon Ford Expedition. At least 10 gunmen opened fire on the officers. More than 300 rounds of .223 & 7.62mm ammunition were fired at the scene.”


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