Medicine Under Fire

From: Mil-Spec Monkey

Lone Star Medics – Medicine X

Medicine XI’ve taken a grab bag of Tac classes and pretty much all of them were primarily about putting holes in bad guys, so I got to thinking diversifying a little bit with a medic class would be a good idea. No one really likes to think about themselves or their buddies getting seriously injured, but when the time comes, wishing it away is not going to do a lot of good. Thus getting a least some sort of basic medical education can go a long way which will be helpful outside of tactical situations as well. Having first met up with Lone Star Medics at Shotshow, I jumped at the offer to check out one of their classes this summer. Although I’m decent with a gun, my medical skill didn’t go too far past Band-Aids and fortunately the 2 day Medicine-X class fits that skill level quite well.


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