You Tube Confession of Juarez Female Extortionist (Later Executed) is Revealing

“Diario today runs a story with a link to a You Tube video in which a woman, flanked by two hooded men with assault rifles, confesses to having been an extortionist for La Linea, on the payroll for $160 per week. A list on notepad paper with the names of businesses she was extorting is shown during the interview.

The video appears to have been taken by a vigilante group that captured her. The woman, who identifies herself as Sanjuana Gabriela Enríquez Galván, was later executed and her body was discovered in Col. Melchor Ocampo, face down, with a message on her tee shirt saying “I’m an Extortion(ist) for La Linea.”

A red rose was placed on her back.”

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