Mexican Cartels Purchasing Grenades for $6.50

“How much is six dollars and fifty cents? What can you buy with $6.50? Just off the top of my head, in the U.S., I’m thinking I could buy a couple gallons of gas, a pack of smokes, or maybe a value meal from one of my favorite fast food joints.

In Mexico, on the other hand, with roughly $80 pesos, I can buy two packs of smokes and a big bag of chips, a kilo of sirloin, about 9 liters of gas, or a tasty 8 taco breakfast washed down with an ice cold bottled Coca-Çola.

Or, for those same $80 Mexican pesos, according to a report made public in ElNorte, with the right connections, I could buy myself a grenade from Guatemala.”

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