Mexico’s Department of Government : 44,978 “undocumented migrants” held from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Mexico’s Department of Government reported that some 44,978 “undocumented migrants” were held between January and September of this year in the government’s detention facility in Tapachula, state of Chiapas, on the border with Guatemala. Of the total, 19,783 came from Honduras, 14,148 from Guatemala, and 6.648 from El Salvador.

(Ed. Note: The recently published report about the drop in apprehensions by the U.S. Border Patrol during the fiscal year just ended is quite likely due in part to Mexico’s newly increased effort at detecting and detaining illegal aliens as they attempt to make their way north within its territory. The tally of apprehensions by the U.S. Border Patrol in the last fiscal year still averages at over 1,260 illegal border crossers per day. The article did not mention the total number of illegal aliens detained who came from countries other than those specified. )


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