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In 1990, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) took an unprecedented stand for technology users’ civil liberties by suing the Secret Service for seizing and damaging Steve Jackson Games’ computers. Twenty years later, EFF remains passionately engaged in protecting civil liberties at the forefront of technology. In 2010, EFF rose to meet new challenges and secured new freedoms for users everywhere.

In 2010:


EFF won the exemption that made it legal to “jailbreak” smartphones to unlock their full potential;


EFF taught users how to take control of their privacy on social networks;

Fair Use

EFF made it possible – for the first time in history – for artists and educators to excerpt from DVDs without fear of breaking the law;

Free Speech

EFF defended political bloggers and peer-to-peer users from copyright “trolls” bullying them into bogus legal settlements;


EFF conducted groundbreaking research on privacy and security, and used the findings to lobby for improved user protections; and

Free Speech icon

EFF collaborated with local groups throughout the world to advance privacy and free expression through technology.

These victories were only possible thanks to donations from individuals like you. Charity Navigator, a leading evaluator of non-profit efficiency, has given EFF its highest rating — we make each and every contribution count in the fight for freedom on the electronic frontier.

Choose to support digital freedom and secure your civil liberties today with a year-end gift to EFF.

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