The strange case of Brian Aitken

In August, Brian Aitken — who followed New Jersey’s draconian firearm laws to a “T” — was convicted by the state’s anti-gun kangaroo court of “unlawful possession of a handgun.”

You see, in New Jersey you’re required to get a permit to purchase a handgun by Big Brother State Government. This is not a permit to OWN, simply to purchase: however, the jackboots in New Jersey’s state police treat anyone in possession of a handgun without such a permit as a felon.

While moving from Colorado to New Jersey, Brian was transporting three handguns — which were legally purchased in Colorado — between his mother’s house and his new apartment.

Because of some stress factors in his life, Brian’s mother called the police for a “welfare” check of Brian. Brian’s mother was a social worker who had been conditioned by years of government work to trust the state to oversee emotionally charged situations.

The state police searched his car and discovered the handguns, locked in cases and separate from ammunition, as New Jersey law requires.

Despite not violating ANY of New Jersey’s outrageous firearms laws, Brian was arrested for the “unlawful” possession of a handgun.

Throughout his trial, the anti-gun statists in the New Jersey legal system routinely blocked Brian’s attorney from presenting evidence of Brian’s innocence. New Jersey law specifically states that the transportation of handguns between residences is legal.

Jurors even asked the judge three times if state law contained exemptions for the transportation of handguns from one residence to another, but the … judge refused to answer.

Brian Aitken was convicted of felony possession of a handgun and faces up to seven years in jail.

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