Badass of the Week: Dwight Johnson

Dwight Johnson

“You don’t really think of Vietnam as being a tank warfare kind of affair… mostly because trying to drive a tank through a jungle is a logistical undertaking that borders on being retarded.

Perhaps that’s why Specialist Dwight Johnson of the 1st Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment holds the impressive distinction of being the only tank driver to receive the Medal of Honor for actions in combat during Vietnam.

Although, as you might expect, the actions that led to Spc. Johnson receiving America’s highest award for bravery in combat actually had very little to do with this ultra-over-the-top hardass actually sitting behind at the controls of his M48A3 battle tank, and a lot more with taking on an entire North Vietnamese Army offensive by himself armed with nothing more than a .45-caliber handgun and a complete lack of anything resembling fear or restraint.”

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