Forest/Brush conditions: Why a Shotgun might be your best choice

“An often overlooked but excellent hunting and defensive / offensive weapon can include the venerable shotgun. Depending upon the characteristics of the area you intend to travel, the 12-guage shotgun can be your best firearm choice.

In this article I will attempt to explain not only why a shotgun is often a good selection over a rifle, but also cover some of the shotgun loads that are especially valuable in the defensive or offensive role while tracking a dangerous man or beast in thickly vegetated areas such as deep forest or jungle.”

The principle favoring simplicity and reliability is frequently shown during wartime in many areas of the world. Oft cited are experiences on the Eastern Front during World War Two. During this war, firearms manufactured to high precision for the German army often failed at inopportune moments due to the less than pristine conditions of actual field use. Meanwhile, Russian firearms with looser tolerances were much more easily maintained and functioned at higher levels in these same conditions.


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