How Disney Designed The Military’s Electromagnetic Launch System

This week we learned about an amazing new Navy (and NASA) electromagnetic launch system that moves a jet 240mph across a 300 foot runway. What we didn’t know is this ulta-advanced technology was developed by Disney. As in Mickey Mouse.

The Navy’s Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) is designed to use electromagnetic energy to propel a 100,000 lb. jet 240mph across a 300 ft. runway. According to the Navy, not only is EMALS a smaller and more efficient method of launching planes than steam turbines, it can deliver 30% more power. The Navy says they will to use this system to launch all aircraft from carriers going forward, including heavy strike fighters and lightweight drones.

The technology was first developed not in a secret lab in Area 51, but in Florida for the Rock n’ Roller Coaster (photograph above) found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida — and designed jointly by Disney’s Imagineers (what Disney Co. calls their engineers) and Vekoma, a company that builds high-end amusement rides.

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