BATFE moving to gain “emergency powers” in order to monitor purchases from gun stores.

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,”

-Rahm Emanuel

“The BATFE is using their favorite bogey man of terrorism and drug-related violence in other countries to trump the charge that your purchase of rifles is to blame. They are stealing powers away from your elected representatives and into their own hands to spy on and record your purchases if you buy more than one gun in a week.

If this is starting to sound all too familiar, that’s because it is.

Remember Mayor Bloomberg? One of the wealthiest and most powerful anti-gunners out there?

This was Bloomberg’s plan.

And it’s blatantly against the law.

The Firearm Owners’ Protection Act was designed specifically to prevent this perversion of freedom from happening.

In fact, this act also requires that any changes be given a public hearing no less than 90 days in advance (the BATFE is attempting this power-grab with just 30 days notice).

In other words, existing Federal law stops this move specifically, and the speed in which it is being attempted…

…And they are rolling right over it like it wasn’t even there.”

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