Nutnfancy response to the Fort Hood incident: Sheepdogs must engage when a wolf attacks

“Sheepdogs are kind and empathetic but they are also warriors and deadly to the wolf.

In this to-the-point video, I recommend closing with a mass murderer to engage him. This will save lives and other “feel good” alternatives to prevent these shootings have failed, resulting in more dead people.

Thousands of responsible civilian Sheepdogs will GREATLY improve public safety and it is the REAL answer to stop these killings, not more asinine disarmament laws that have never worked. These shootings are rare but nevertheless continue to claim innocent lives. Placing more good armed people in the paths of these wolves can help de-rail their success.

Always use good judgment, maturity, and your own “unlock codes” (correct situational assessment and weighing of alternatives) before deciding to use lethal force and intervening in these situations. Non-lethal alternatives can be employed by the Sheepdog to disable the shooter but they must achieve immediate and reliable incapicitation to be effective. Generally a decisive lethal counterforce will need to be employed against such a mass murderer.

Also note that history has shown in these situations that surrender does not work, begging for your life does not work, and as many victims have found out, cowering in a corner does not work. Only the use of directed and effective gunfire so far has stopped these murderers (but other options as discussed do exist). Engage the bad guy with good tactics, preferably from behind or on a flank.

Choosing to implement lethal force is a serious decision to be weighed carefully by the individual. A clear understanding of your local laws and the implications of your decision should be considered before such an action.”     – Nutnfancy

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