“The Sheepdog Concept” by Nutnfancy

by Nutnfancy:

“Your actions could save lives.

At the heart of what I have referred to as The Sheepdog is a selflessness that looks outwardly to the needs of others. They cannot abide watching their fellow humans beings suffer and die while they do nothing. They are compelled into action even when those actions could lead to their own deaths or injury.

The Sheepdog comes from every walk of life, every race, and can be male or female; it is impossible to identify them from appearance alone. It is their actions in the face of horrific situations that reveals the Sheepdog as they step forward when no one else will.

Lenny Skutnik, in the face of the tragic Air Florida crash in 1982 into the icy Potomac River, was just such an unassuming Sheepdog. He jumped into the aviation fuel soaked and frigid waters to save passenger Priscilla Tirado just before she slipped beneath the water to her death. Hundreds had been watching Priscilla flounder and would have watched her die without doing anything. These are sheep that are frozen into inaction by their lives of denial and lack of mental and material preparation. They are not bad people but nor are they heroic; they’re just there.

Leeny’s Sheepdog heart was revealed that day. They are others like him in civilian, law enforcement, fire fighting, and military ranks. But they are relatively few indeed and they are special.

Few have what I feel possess the other key qualities of the Sheepdog (discussed in the video): a strong value system, unassuming manner, bravery, judgment and maturity, preparation, practiced skill sets, and a strong sense of duty in the face of often scary circumstances. The Sheepdog Concept is foundational to my gear reviews here: an attempt to give quality information to help equip you good people for your “day.”

Both mental and material preparation can expand your capabilities in this important calling.

Good Sheepdogs span the ranks and include responsible and caring civilians, law enforcement officials, firefighters, paramedics, PJs, EMTs, pilots, and soldiers. I try hard not to let them down. I salute them all and I myself try to aspire to their level.”

Ret. Us Army Lt Col Dave Grossman first introduced the Sheepdog way of thinking. See his website at: http://www.killology.com


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