Afghans Aren’t Willing to Fight for their Country?

“Though our media doesn’t often point this out, the 134,000 heroes serving in the Afghan National Army have made extraordinary sacrifices in the name of freedom and Afghanistan. Next time someone says “Afghans aren’t willing to fight for their country, so why should we bother?” show them this video.

Another thing: Nine years into this war, we are realizing that if we ever hope to pull our troops out, we must have competent Afghan security forces to take over our task of keeping Afghanistan secure and free from the clutches of the Taliban and other Wahhabi lunatics. So we really must pray for, help train, and assist the Afghan Army and Police – they are our key to finally leaving Afghanistan.”

If you are wondering if there is anything you can do to support these heroes, you might like Spirit of America’s fundraising project for caps, boots, and jackets for the Afghan National Army located here:…

This video is shared with the courtesy of NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan. Please visit their website at:

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