Remington 870 Supercell Recoil Pad – reduce felt recoil without dropping big bucks on a new stock

Product Reviews form Amazon

“For $20 I was able to enjoy shooting slugs from my new Remington 870 with synthetic stock.

I got the pad installed in a couple of minutes. The screws included with the Supercell had much wider heads than the wood screws included with the normal stock pad, and it took a minute to squeeze them into the pad. I was afraid that the large heads may rip the pad, but they popped in with no damage after some wiggling. The fit on the gun was as good or better than the stock pad.

The first time I shot the gun (without the Supercell), after about 15 rounds (variety of sabot slugs, both 2 3/4″ and 3″) I could barely move my arm. Luckily I found a brand that grouped the well and had milder recoil than some. I still didn’t want to go out and shoot another 15 rounds to get the scope zeroed in.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the pad as I never had used an aftermarket recoil pad on a gun before. The pad definitely helped reduce the felt recoil and let me get settled in to finish zeroing the scope. 15 rounds later my gun was ready and my arm didn’t feel bad. I could tell that I had been shooting, but I wasn’t in any pain.”

“…the real beauty of it was when I took it to the range for a test. I fired 9 boxes of 2 3/4in slugs and two boxes of 3in magnum slugs, a total of 55 slugs in one session. No pain whatsoever, no bruising at all. The consistency of performance was also a benefit as I was able to aim for quick follow-up shots much faster than with the stock recoil pad. I was able to concentrate on my target and not have to worry about inadvertent flinching at all. After all those slugs, when I packed the gun up I could tell I had been shooting, but there was no discomfort or fatigue whatsoever.”



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