H.R.308 – Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act

Read the Bill at OpenCongress.org

Bonehead LA Police Chief chimes in.

From: Patriot Statesman

Send in the clowns. In a new effort to create new crimes, infringe on our second amendment rights and punish law abiding gun owners, Representative Carolyn McCarthy of New York has introduced a bill that would make it illegal to make, import, sell or give away any standard capacity firearm magazine.

…If you own magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds, H.R. 308 would also put you at risk of prosecution. Because virtually no existing magazines bear any markings that show when they were made, H.R. 308 would require that magazines made after the ban be marked to distinguish them from pre-ban magazines. However, the bill’s “grandfather clause” for possession of pre-ban magazines would only create an affirmative defense — forcing defendants to prove that they possessed the magazines before the ban. This nearly impossible requirement is a major difference from the 1994 ban, which put the burden of proof on the government.

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