Brian Terry killing: Border Patrol fired beanbags first as “warning shots” after asking Mexican bandits to drop their weapons.


“The FBI investigation of the Brian Terry killing reveals that the Border Patrol agents of the BORTAC team that tracked an armed gang of bandits on the Arizona desert south of Tucson were armed with both regular weapons and shotguns with non-lethal beanbag rounds. The FBI confirms what I reported four days after the shooting, based on sources within the Border Patrol, that the BORTAC team followed standing operations orders and fired the beanbags first as “”warning shots” after verbally asking the bandits to drop their weapons.

Instead of dropping their weapons, the bandits opened fire, and agent Terry was hit and killed in that exchange.

Two questions immediately come to mind when reading this story. Why do Border Patrol agents ever carry non-lethal beanbags? And why in Heaven’s name was a BORTAC team ordered to use beanbags when confronting bandits known to be heavily armed and dangerous?”

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