Americans living along the border are more at risk than ever

“Americans living along the border are more at risk than ever for personal and property crimes committed by illegal aliens who’ve crossed the border with impunity. It’s not a few – it’s thousands a month.

According to Sheriff Dever, half of all the illegals sneaking into the country move through Arizona, and some areas are just unmanageable with citizens at risk. He should know. His friend, rancher Robert Krentz, was shot and killed on his own property last year by drug runners who escaped back into Mexico.

A huge number of illegals streaming across the border are designated “OTM” – other than Mexican. Sheriff Babeu estimates that 20-25 percent of those taken into custody are OTM.

Since many are from countries considered sources of terrorism and Qurans and prayer rugs have been found along trails, the fact that the feds virtually ignore the issue and don’t inform the public is a serious dereliction of duty.

The fact that millions cross illegally and disappear into the country raises serious constitutional and security issues.”

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