Leatherwood ART M-1000 Sniper Scope

“The Leatherwood ART M-1000 2.5-10 x44mm Rifle Scope. The ART Series Scopes were the Brain Child of the Legendary Jim Leatherwood, who’s mounting system gave the U.S. Military Sniper teams the decided edge over the Battlefields in Vietnam. Still in service today, the ART Scope is a quality optic that is rugged and easy to master. And at an affordable price of $349.99 from Natchez Shooting Supply or $389.99 from MidwayUSA.com.”


As usual, there are varying opinions on the usefulness of this product. Some other feedback to consider:

“This just seems “gimmicky” to me. Especially since there are so many variables that are present even within the same caliber. I just don’t believe there is anything out there that can compete with having your own load data and being able to make windage and elevation adjustments on your own… This looks like another product for people who think those skills are too hard to learn.” – MahaloMoFo

“It will hold up. Nov. 10 Shotgun News, David Fortier wrote an article (Scoping your Black Rifle), talking about the CMR: “What sets this model apart from other scopes in its price class is it was designed from the ground up for a major European nation’s counter-terrorist unit. So unlike its competition, it was actually designed for a Tier 1 unit and successfully passed their testing not only on carbines and DMRs but also GPMGs.” You can find a copy of the article searching on-line.” – DTOM1775

“For longer ranges, 4x was doable but I would like to have had a little more magnification for the 300 yd shots… U.S. Military studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of contacts are within 100yds. Sniper teams are used for longer ranges of over 300 meters. The key to this type scope is hitting targets from 35 out to 300 yds. The lower magnification made that possible. It’s all give and take. Higher mag optics would be bulkier and would make close shots hard to find.” -  sootch00

“I have had mine for a year or so and enjoy how it works and yes it may seem complicated at first but when you are in the field it makes things so much easier, I think allota folks get spooked at how hard it may seem to set up but there is a learning curb like anything else right.” – showmemoblues




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