The Battle No One Reported

Wired’s Danger Room has and excellent article on a battle that took place in Margah Afghanistan. It astounds me that some of the best war reporting going on right now is from a technology website:

It was the one of the biggest localized fights of the 10-year-old Afghanistan war — and one of the most lopsided battlefield victories for American forces. But the nearly 12-hour Battle of Margah barely registered in the news cycle back in America.

When the sun rose and the dust settled, 92 insurgents lay dead around the outpost, according to Army figures. Five Americans were wounded, but none was killed.

Many media outlets have seem to have forgotten that there is still fighting going on in Afghanistan. The media has taken the president’s announcement that troops will begin to withdraw in the summer, as a pretext to stop reporting on what is happening there and to make the president look good by not reporting stories like this one, where a massive battle took place.

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