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Lone Star Medics: A Field and Tactical Medicine Training Company

Lone Star MedicsOur goal is to teach individuals how to manage life threatening injuries until professional help is available. Lone Star Medics will teach you the tools to combat that feeling of helplessness when a loved one or friend is severely injured.
We teach individuals how to save someone’s life during those extremely critical moments while EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is responding to your emergency.

While most urban fire departments and ambulance services try to respond to an emergency in less than 10 minutes; during that time an injured person can become very critically unstable. That’s where your training with Lone Star Medics becomes a reality.  The skills that you have learned will save the life of a loved one, a co-worker, yourself, or even a total stranger.  As Caleb learned in the Army; “you train as you fight, and you fight as you’ve trained.”  With that mentality, Lone Star Medics has created courses on first aid and emergency medicine for the non-professional rescuer in mind.  These courses are not designed to teach someone how to be the medic but rather how to perform aggressive first aid to those that may not live before professional rescuers arrive.

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