There is no “safe” place in the world – is “feeling” safe enough?

There is no “safe” place in the world. Crime is unpredictable.

Do you want to feel safe or be safe?

Laws make you feel safe, but a gun can make you be safe.

Criminals prey on the weak – a gun can help the weak protect themselves and their families. A gun gives the weak person a chance to survive. This is why women and the elderly benefit from guns the most. A 90 pound grandmother with a gun can stop a 200 pound man from attacking her.

Some would say that if the only way to feel safe is to carrying a gun, then you are not talking freedom, but you are in fact being imprisoned by your own fears.
Is that true? Is carrying a gun an indication that someone has succumbed to fear, that they are living in fear of an attack that most likely will never happen?

Or are they more like the person who buys a fire extinguisher in case there is a fire, or who buys insurance in case something bad happens in the future? Is that living in fear or is it being prepared? Seems like it depends on the attitude and the mindset. Owning a fire extinguisher does not mean you are obsessed with a neurotic fear of fire, but sure, someone who is obsessed with a neurotic fear of fire might own several fire extinguishers.

Some would say that having a gun is no insurance of safety. That’s true. Owning a fire extinguisher is no insurance there will never be a fire, either – but having one will make you better able to respond if there is a fire.

Some will say that guns are not a panacea to society’s ills. They aren’t meant to be. They are a tool, one that can be used for good or evil. If there is any cure to society’s ills it will be in the hearts and minds of good people, regardless of the tools they might have in their hands. A hammer can be used to build a summer cottage or a torture chamber. If it’s used to build a torture chamber, the problem is not the hammer.

Is the simple fact that guns are dangerous and can kill people enough to justify banning guns? People are killed by drunk drivers – do we need to ban alcohol and cars? Besides, strict laws on gun ownership have no effect on the lawless; they only affect regular citizens that use them legally.

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