A mom’s reaction to the news about Osama

Debbie Lee:

“I have gone through a scope of emotions this evening as I learned that Osama had been killed. I received a text from a friend, “we have Osama.” I told my son Kristofer to turn on the news. I listened as I heard that in fact Osama had been killed and that we had the body and had confirmed it was him. I screamed jubilant, joyous screams for justice.

I began shaking and thought of my son Marc who willingly gave his life fighting the war on terror which was lead by despots like Osama Bin Laden and Sadaam Hussein. If it wouldn’t have been for Osama I would have my son.

I thanked God for giving us the victory and information which lead to the Navy SEAL’s successful mission of killing one of the world’s most vile, inhuman, deranged men.

…Oh how I wish Marc was here to celebrate this victory.”


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