Bin Laden Arabic Editorials: Addustour

“Even before [the assassination], he was not the key man in the organization because al-Qaeda operates on ideas, not on its structure. The first beneficiary will be President Obama who will be very much assisted by this in his election campaign to be re-elected for a second term!”
– Hilmi Asmar

“They did not stop Bin Laden for over ten years and his name became a symbol of the danger to America and the West, until the day came when the American “knights of windmills” [Don Quixote reference] killed Bin Laden, and they terrorized the American people with his name for over a decade…It saves the popularity of President Obama who enjoys popularity today at a level unreached by an American president. And the President’s popularity increased after the news of salvation from Bin Laden, which could prove the foundation for his reelection in a year and a half…”
– Rakan al-Mujali

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