The SEAL Sensibility: an inside look from Lt. Cmdr. Eric Greitens

From a member of the elite force, an inside look at the brutal training and secret work of the commandos who got Osama bin Laden.


“At Camp Pendleton in California, where I did my initial weapons training, we must have fired thousands of rounds at practice-range targets printed with the likeness of Osama bin Laden. To take the real shot, the one that brought down bin Laden, was the dream of every Navy SEAL.

…Over time, the constant pressure degraded and destroyed al Qaeda’s ability to operate.

The terrorists knew that if they stayed in one place for long, they might be surprised in their sleep and find themselves being handcuffed by “men with green faces,” as they sometimes called our commandos, whose faces, backlit by their night-vision goggles, seemed to glow green with menace in the middle of the night.”


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