ITS Tactical Hosts Lone Star Medics’ Medicine X Class

Lone Star Medics put on its 2-Day Medicine X Class at Quail Creek Shooting Range this weekend. This “medicine under fire” class features classroom instruction and scenario based live-fire drills where students have the opportunity to put what they have learned into action under the stress of simulated real-world situations. The event was hosted by ITS Tactical and co-sponsored by Lone Star Amory and XS Sights.

Medicine Under Fire

Above, instructor Andrew Brady demonstrates one possible solution to a problem presented class participants.  Your buddy “Randy” , seen prostrate in the background, has been injured during a violent robbery. What do you do?


After neutralizing the immediate threats, ITS Tactical’s Bryan Black drags Randy off the “X” and behind cover.


A momentary lapse in tactical awareness earns this student a penalty, a gunshot wound to his left calf. Now he has two patients, Randy and himself.


Books and videos are great tools for learning but nothing can replace hands on adrenalin-packed live training, And just as important as the getting-your-hands-dirty part is the critical eye of an experienced “been there” instructor and the after action debrief.

For more information on classes contact Caleb Causey at Lone Star Medics.

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