Gerry Proctor answers questions about Navy SEALs military dogs

“Navy SEALs may have taken down Osama bin Laden, but not without a fierce four-legged friend by their side. Accompanying the SEAL’s was a dog, whose breed is speculated to be either German shepherd or Belgian Malinois.

Gerry Proctor, an officer at Lackland Air Force Base where the dog was trained, answered questions about the training process for these dogs, what they can do and why having a military dog was valuable to the Navy SEALs while taking down Osama bin Laden.

  • What exactly does a dog do on a mission like this?
  • How do dogs go down on helicopter ropes with soldiers, like the dog when they captured Bin Laden?
  • Are Malinois’ suitable for family life?
  • What breed, age and gender was this MWD hero?

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