Retired police officer takes action to stop passenger shouting, “Allahu akbar”, attempting to enter cockpit

“One of the men being hailed a hero for his actions during Sunday night’s flight from Chicago to San Francisco where a passenger attempted to break through the cockpit door talked about his efforts on Tuesday.

Larry Wright, who is a retired police officer, said he did what he thinks anyone should do under the same circumstances.

… A man named Rageh al-Murisi is accused of walking to the front of the plane and attempting to get in the cockpit.

Wright said he was sitting in seat 20C when he noticed a fellow passenger walking past. “As I turned, there was a person walking past me. He rapidly broke into a trot… then yelled ‘Allahu akbar.'” Wright said from his training as a police office he knew there was a problem and he immediately got up and followed the man. He said when he reached him, he was at the cockpit door. Wright said he put him in a control hold with the help of four or five other people.”

“I swore to myself then that I would never be a victim.”


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“The world is a dangerous place. Not because of those who are evil, but because of those that look on and do nothing.”

-Albert Einstein

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