Pakistan is the best friend money can buy?

While Britain makes preparations to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, US helicopters scuffle with Pakistani troops along the border between the two countries.

While the US forces trade lead with Pakistan, Harry Reid, the king of mis-timing, claims that now is not the time to get tough on Pakistan;

At a press conference on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Reid said, “I think that we need to be–I don’t think we have to be those that are apologizing for anything that Pakistan did or criticizing them even though there’s plenty to apologize to them–apologize about some of the things they’ve done and to criticize them.”

Yes, we should apologize to Pakistan because we’ve been giving them billions of dollars to help us fight a war…now they’re firing on our troops with that aid, and hardly fighting that war to a successful conclusion. I guess he figures that the time to get tough with Pakistan was during the Bush Administration.

And also, while the US and Pakistani forces trade ammunition, John Kerry is claiming that Pakistan is committed to strengthening relations.

At Blackfive, Jim Hanson tells Russia Today that Pakistan is the best friend money can buy.”

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