U.S. Army Orders Virtual Reality Training for Soldiers

From: InnovationNewsDaily

Instead of using wood and metal models, the soldier of the future will train in a virtual reality world that essentially mixes “Call of Duty” with “Star Trek’s” holodeck. Such immersion offers more flexibility compared to live training exercises based on physical mock-ups that can’t replicate the danger of live bullets or artillery explosions, said John Foster, assistant project manager for the U.S. Army’s Close Combat Tactical Trainer. It also delivers a more realistic training experience compared with the Army’s existing game simulations, where soldiers use a keyboard and a mouse on a computer.

A CryENGINE screen capture of Dismounted Soldier's virtual reality world. Credit: RealTime Immersive, Inc.

“‘Dismounted Soldier’ is going to put the soldier in a virtual environment with a replica of his weapon in his hands, so that he can go through all the same motions as in real life,” Foster told InnovationNewsDaily.


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