LA Riots – Don’t steal from Korean Store

How LA Korean shopkeepers dealt with rioters and looters, 1992

“Although the day began relatively quietly, by mid-morning on the second day violence appeared widespread and unchecked as heavy looting and fires were witnessed across Los Angeles County. The Korean American community, seeing the police force’s abandonment of Koreatown, organized armed security teams composed of store workers, who defended their livelihoods from assault by the mobs.”

“The Korean men of that generation (my father’s) grew up in a Korea that was still a 3rd world nation and military service was mandatory. In short, they are tough and how know to use a gun.”

“I was best friends with the son of a Popular Korean market chain when this was happening. When the riots were going on, they had men on the roof of the grocery with AK-47’s and other assault rifles ready to take shit down.”

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