Hey, Stupid UK: Let Your Cops and Fair Citizens Carry Guns!

by Doug Giles

“In Texas, where I grew up, the bollocks we’re seeing in the UK right now would have lasted maybe five, possibly ten minutes max, before a private citizen, business owner, or Sheriff Dudley Paunch Gut of the Muleshoe PD woulda put a hollow point in some skinny hooligan’s backside. It would have been the shortest-lived revolt in modern history. Next!

Matter of fact, when I was a “working class youth” back in the day I was too damn tired to spark a rebellion after a hard day’s toil in the hot Lone Star sun.

For instance, back in 1981 when the cops shot one of my criminal buddies for being, well, a criminal, I was too exhausted after a day’s labor to torch my innocent neighbor’s house, bomb a school bus, crap on my front porch, make a black dude strip naked and give me his clothes, or steal televisions. I was too pooped to vandalize—I mean, fight against my oppressors.

Word to the BBC: How about we call these “working class youths” something more like “non-working, government-sponging entitlement mooks”? How’s that?”


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