When there are no Sheep Dogs, the Sheep are attacked.

This is a disturbing video, hard to watch, but it illustrates an important principle.

“It shows a mentally disabled woman being mocked, spit on, then punched in the face at a Sacramento strip mall on Mack Road.

Regular customers and neighbors weren’t surprised by the video. They say this type of disrespect, and abuse, goes on all the time.

But it’s difficult to watch. A woman who appears mentally impaired is punched in the face. It all started while she stood in front of a doughnut shop where she is taunted by a group of guys who sound as if they’re spitting on her.

Then she’s shoved in the face and laughed at.

After that she snaps and chases her attackers, asking why they’re hurting her.

“Why you slapping me, huh?” she can be heard asking.

After that a man punches her in the face, knocking her to the ground, where she can be heard moaning.”


If you watch the news video, you’ll see one woman, after being shown footage of the punks attacking the woman, say,

“Wish I would have been there. It wouldn’t have gone down just quite like that.”
“What would you have done?”
“I’d have stepped in.”

That is the nature of a sheep dog – to step in when something unacceptable is happening in front of them.

It is the nature of a predator to go after the weak. If good people do not stay strong and intervene, bad people will attack anyone who is vulnerable.

You don’t reason with a predator, you don’t have a discussion with them about the error of their ways. You step in and stop them. This takes force and strength, not noble intentions and lofty views on the inherent goodness of humanity.

If good people do not equip themselves with what they need to counter the attacks of bad people, then those we care about and our weak, vulnerable neighbors will be at the mercy of predators.

And predators have no mercy.

Regarding the woman in the video:

“When the police got there, they spoke to her,” Sgt. Andrew Pettit of the Sacramento Police Department said. “She refused medical attention and she refused prosecution.”

Police are now actively searching for these men, and they’ll use their IT specialists to track down the source of that video.”

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