“Old_Painless” Tests Cheap 9mm Ammo Accuracy

The complete test details are here:

Old_Painless: “We shot several groups with the following:

Handloads, 115 grain Remington JHP, 5.0 gr. WW 231.

Winchester White Box 9mm.

Wolf 9mm.

And Blazer 9mm.

Lessons learned:

1. Our general opinion as to accuracy is that they were good. Wolf was best, next Winchester White Box, and then Blazer. But all were accurate.

2. All ammo functioned 100%. I had carried this Glock 34 to Thunder Ranch three times, and it has never failed.

3. We have over 80+ years of handloading and make some good handloads. We use a Dillon press. But the factory stuff was slightly better accuracy-wise than our stuff. The difference in price is very small.

Bottom Line: You can’t justify handloading at the present low prices of this cheap 9mm ammo.

And even though it is relatively cheap, it is plenty accurate.”

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