Rifle Plates from Bullet Proof Me

From: BulletProofMe.com

 For rifle threats you need Level III or Level IV Rifle Plates
(either on top of a supporting vest, or Stand-Alone).

Soft Body Armor vests are excellent for fragmentation and pistol protection but will NOT stop rifle bullets. (Even Level III-A is only tested to stop pistol-caliber threats such as 9mm SUB-machine-gun or .44 Magnum.)

Plates, also described as Small Arms Protective Inserts or SAPI, are best deployed in Rifle Plate Pockets on the outershell carrier of Tactical Vests or, more discreetly, in our ProMAX Concealable with Rifle Plate Pockets.

Rifle Plates may also be used in a stand-alone configuration – as appropriate for the threat – with a stand-alone Rifle Plates Carrier Harness (very handy if your vest doesn’t have Rifle Plate Pockets).

We stock a huge selection of Rifle Plates – if you see too many options below – just call us, we are happy to advise!

We also have more expensive, specialized Rifle Plates not listed – if you have specific requirements – call us !

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