Evil exists in the world – Nutnfancy’s perspective on being prepared to face it.

Nutnfancy discusses his philosophy on the reality of evil:

“Does evil really exist? Millions of pacifists and protectionists say it does NOT and even if it did, the police will protect you.

They consider YOU the evil ones, armed and paranoid people who stare at the world with steely eyes and furor, hoping for disaster. At least so goes their media and spins about the prepared individual (who have increased exponentially, some because of TNP). Much energy is spent by these individuals in attempt to control public opinion and sway views on the Sheepdogs of society.

This video is mostly intended for that audience.

In the vid I address the Realities of Evil (this vid’s original name) as I feel it can manifest itself in ROL, WROL, and even Government Tyranny situations.

In ROL, the criminal predator finds weakness and exploits it. Begging for mercy doesn’t work. At least it didn’t for the murder victims in the Ogden Hi-Fi Shop murders in 1974, a clear example of this evil which I refer to.

These attacks often result in the murders of innocent people, perhaps some of which thought it could never happen to them. I don’t care about the motivations of such attacks, tortures, and subsequent suffering. We could all build a house of cards on how we’ve been victimized in life and use that as an excuse to attack society. Their victims are still dead, having done nothing to deserve such a fate.

In WROL it will be even worse as the restraints of law enforcement services vanish. WROL can be brought on by natural disaster, global economic collapse, war, terrorist attacks, and unforeseen disasters. Expect bad things and even formerly “good” people may make engaged in regrettable activities due to their own desperation (starvation).

Here the protectionist will experience the sad realities of such situations and their life philosophy will shatter.

I address the “baseball bat” philosophy that they often adopt in rushed manner as they confront these realities head on.

And it’s possible that even the US Government can become so corrupt and oppressive that the restoration of Constitutional Freedom may become a necessity to overturn political imprisonments, unreasonable searches and seizures, taking of personal property and monies, and the abolishment of personal liberties under trumped up circumstances.

The American inherits freedom hard won in battle and bloodshed and it has to be protected. We are its safeguards. The wise individual, cognizant of the suffering such an occurrence would bring, will actively participate in the political process doing his best to preserve the Constitution and restore liberties ALREADY lost.

The complete loss of freedom will be self-evident I feel and will again require the citizenry (with whom power of the government resides) to rise up and help restore the Republic. I sincerely hope those days NEVER come as I am a lover peace and prosperity.

As a retired Lt Col in the Armed Forces, much of my life has been directly spent in defending the Constitution and supporting the Rule of Law. But Evil is part of our life here on earth and has to be answered, not ignored.

Peace of mind comes with this realization and preparations that are made anticipating its arrival. It’s not paranoia or extremism. It’s simply a responsible approach to both personal and citizen responsibility. We seek to avoid evil and confrontation but when faced with no other option we will confront it head on and do the right thing.

We are responsible citizens working our jobs, supporting and defending ROL, being good neighbors, serving our families and our fellow man, and loving our country.

But within us resides resides the warrior patriot that refuses to be tread upon and made a slave. And it may just be such a man that saves YOUR life one day. Fear No Evil.”

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