Veteran breaks up mob of neighborhood thugs with his Mosin Nagant

Roger MacBride says that he’s used to looking out for trouble in his old Northeast neighborhood. But usually the problems involve prostitutes or drug addicts, and he says that he wasn’t ready for what he calls a mob of young troublemakers who threatened his home and family.

Witnesses say that a group of 25 to 30 young teens terrorized the neighborhood on wednesday. MacBride says that the teens kicked in the door to a neighboring home and broke windows inside. He says when he yelled at the group to get out, they turned on him.

“All of a sudden, this one kid with corn rows comes out and he’s like yakety yak, (expletive), da, da, da. He’s like we’ll kick your (expletive) too you don’t (expletive) own this neighborhood, and they are like, literally, 12 of them, start running over here,” said MacBride.

MacBride says the teens surrounded his house, picking up rocks and throwing them at him. That’s when he says in his eyes, the mob stopped being a bunch of kids and became a big threat. He says the teens were reaching for his door handle when the the sight of his Soviet rifle had an instant reaction.

“I grabbed this and literally just came straight out the porch, came out just like this, and was like now, get the (expletive) out of here,” said MacBride. “I literally come out that side door, and these two kids are like, hey, he’s got a gun. And then everybody just woosh, they just dispersed totally.”

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