Erratic Iranian Behavior Points to a Dangerous Year

“LIGNET, a global intelligence and forecasting site, says that Iran will be the wild card of 2012, and her actions in the coming months could foretell peace or war. LIGNET adviser Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA, offers his blunt assessment of Iran, calling it “the single most worrisome topic” the U.S. security community faces.

The LIGNET analysis includes:

• Gen. Hayden’s assessment of Iran’s recent announcement that it has enriched its first nuclear fuel rod

• Amb. John Bolton’s assessment of the likelihood of an Israeli attack on Iran, and the timing of such an attack

• Amb. Otto Reich’s surprising information about Iran’s growing influence in Latin America.

Iran’s next major move will have serious implications for Gulf states like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. Experts also warn about serious oil price fluctuations in the months ahead based on Iran’s actions and volatility in the region.

This detailed LIGNET analysis is compiled by veteran former CIA and other U.S. intelligence services and is available to subscribers. Users may sign up for free summaries or a risk free trial subscription to access the full LIGNET analysis.”

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