Navy Commits To Renewable Energy

The President mentioned it in the state of the union speech, and the Military Times has reported that the Navy is committing to buy a large amount of renewable energy by 2020.

From Military Times:

The Navy will reach its goal by using a variety of alternative financing techniques, including:

• Energy savings performance contracts, where a company pays the upfront investment for energy-efficiency renovations and retrofits in exchange for payments from energy savings over time.

• Enhanced-use leases, where a company gets to develop government land with renewable energy or other projects in exchange for payment or in-kind services such as reduced-rate energy.

• Power purchase agreements, in which a power company constructs an energy system in exchange for fixed payments over a certain number of years.

I can only guess that when the power is actually needed for whatever the Navy needs it for, it will be a cloudy windless day and we will all be praying that we stuck with gasoline or CNG.

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