More Insanity From the “Gun Ban” State

Democrats (surprise!) in the California state legislature want to make a law to restrict the purchasing of ammo. They also want a law to force the reporting of any purchase over a thousand rounds, to the federal government. You can find the text of the law here.  More info on the idiots who proposed the legislation here.

Would anyone let this happen if they were proposing such restrictions on speech? The only time a person can be charged on what they say is when it is blatantly obvious that the person acted recklessly and negligently. That is exactly what happened in Colorado only the perpetrator used weapons. The tool should not be the focus of the crime, but the manner in which the tool was used. If someone is murdered with a butcher knife, we don’t try to ban knives, we punish the person for murder. We don’t try to ban alcohol (we tried that once) when a drunk driver kills someone, again we punish them because they were negligent. The busy bodies in government should focus on people and personal responsibility, not the inanimate objects that the people use.

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