We Are The First-Responders, We Are The Guardians

Two conclusions from the 9-11 Commission Report that always stand out in my mind are;

  1. From now on, the first-responders are going to be ordinary citizens.
  2. Many of the failures leading up to 9-11 were the result of a lack of imagination.

Below is an essay from a School Superintendent in rural Texas who has taken those lessons to heart. The result is something he calls the “Guardian Plan”.

From: David Thweatt, Special to CNN

Good parents protect their children. We protect them from the wind, sun, fire, cold, sickness, from animals, harmful philosophy, other children, predatory adults, injury when possible, their own faulty reasoning and anything else that we see as a dangerous risk to their health and well-being. They are the future, and they are precious.

At the Harrold Independent School District in Texas, we believe we’ve done everything possible to protect our children. We use cameras, electronic security and emergency plans, and some of our staff members are armed.


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